The location of your session should be a place where you feel most at home, even if it is your own home! What do you and your partner or family like to do? Go on hikes, visit beaches, grab coffee, watch movies, etc? The following are suggestions in the area. Please note, some locations require permits to shoot which is an extra cost.

Carbon Canyon Regional Park

Beautiful park with hilly backdrops and a trail to Redwoods. Photo permit required.

Cerritos Sculpture Garden

Small garden, perfect for toddlers as the space is of moderate size. There are also white and textured walls to add variety to your gallery.

Downtown Fullerton

If you want more of a street vibe, there are coffee shops and fun alleyways to host your session.

Huntington Beach Central Park

Large park; woodsy areas and a garden area.

Laguna Beach

Beautiful rocky coast as well as some cliff overlooks. Photo permit required

Noguchi Garden

Sculpture garden with beautiful walls for varied backdrops

Oak Canyon Nature Center

Beautiful nature trails, bridges and creeks. Film permit application required prior to session.

Open Space Trail, San Juan Capistrano

Hilly backdrops, large field and wild flowers in the Spring.

Seal Beach

One of the "quieter" beaches to shoot at in the area. Rocky backdrops and a cute little strip on Main Street for a street photography session.

Yorba Regional Park

Greenery, lakes, wild flowers. Photo permit required

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