What should we wear? It’s one of the most common questions we are asked. Long answer short, whatever outfits you choose for you and your partner, make sure you wear something you feel comfortable and confident in. The biggest takeaway is to make sure you have outfits that don’t distract from your beautiful faces and the love you have for one another. Here are some pro tips if you need some guidance.

DRESS UP! You can’t ever be too dressy for a session. We don’t typically recommend plain t-shirts, shorts or jeans, but we always want you to feel comfortable. A flowy skirt, blazer or collared shirt can make all the difference. Layering pieces can also add dimension and variety to your images.

engaged couple at beach, coordinate outfits


Avoid being “matchy-matchy,” wearing all black or all white. Choose 2-3 colors as a palette and add neutral shades to those colors. The camera loves muted shades; blush tones, sage greens and neutrals. Avoid ultra bright colors as they can be distracting and affect skin tones. For patterns, less is more. Again, you don’t want anything too distracting. Avoid bold designs and logos. Simple, small patterns that add texture and dimension are always great.


Choose a flattering silhouette that will compliment your features. We all have features we want to highlight as well as conceal. Love your legs? Show them off. Flowy skirts or dresses with a cinched waist are usually flattering and beautiful. If you have a feature you're conscience about, select pieces that will bring confidence. For example, consider a three quarter sleeve or long sleeves for coverage and a slimming look.


Paring accessories with your outfit could elevate your look. Stacked jewelry, flower crowns, hats, bow ties, pocket squares, etc can add dimension and interest to your look. Closed toe shoes for men is also a must, unless your session is at the beach.


If you're able, schedule your hair and make-up trial around the session. It will give a dose of confidence as well as an idea of how you would want your makeup on your big day.


If you want your session to be extra special or showcase who you are as a couple, bring items to help personalize it. What do you love to do together? Bring props like florals, a basket filled with picnic goods, blankets, even games! Bring anything sentimental; we'll incorporate it in a fun way during your session.